Comment 255 for bug 532633

Our design roadmap calls for us to reduce the visibility of scrollbars,
and emphasise:

 - touch scrolling
 - scrollwheels

Most people don't scroll with the scrollbar any more. The use the
scrollbar to gauge "how much fo the document am I seeing".

Hum... I think the very long list of concerns in current bug is a very good test to see how much this is wrong (as navigating in any long single paged document, like source code...).

Experiment using a touchpad or a scroll whell on this report and hear your fingers complain! Scrollwhell is useful for line to line precise navigation. Elevators are more appropriate to move quickly on large areas.

So both are usefull and current global ergonomy, after about 25 years of fine darwinian tunning process, again really make sense.

This would be another error, for mainstream computer use IMO.

Maybe for a MID or a tablet interface, something else could make sense: But I don't see touchscreens going in generalist computer area, there is too much people upset by fingermarks on a computer screen for this concept having any future oustide very specific use cases.