Comment 191 for bug 532633

"I have the feeling that 99.9% of users dont feel strongly about this issue either way."

"Oh and just a note, quoting polls is completely useless because unless its taken from a controlled group the results are always biased."

Are the poll results as biased as your "feelings", man? Comic stuff, that there. At least the community ran a poll. How about canonical?

Tell you what's going to happen over the next month or two. You'll have a huge portion, people like fewt and I, who will no longer be using Ubuntu, and will no longer endorse or recommend it. You'll have a huge portion of people who'll simply fork ubuntu and bring that thing back to the community, because they take the "humanity to others" thing quite seriously, and are not just in it for the buck, like Shuttleworth, who basically bastardized the true Ubuntu spirit for corporate gain (

And then you'll be left with a dwindling group of less and less convinced fanboys. It's happened to other projects, and Canonical's put Ubuntu in a cloudified sports car in the fast lane to that very same destination.