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Shane Fagan (shanepatrickfagan) wrote : Re: [light-theme] please revert the order of the window controls back to "menu:minimize,maximize,close"

This is a very simple matter of people who feel strongly against a change always seem to shout the loudest. I have the feeling that 99.9% of users dont feel strongly about this issue either way. That the .1% of people are just against change. Ive been using the buttons on the left side since the update of lucid a while back and it feels ok it takes about 15 minutes to get used to.

It makes sense to me that the top left hand side of the screen is to open and close apps and the top right of the screen is for my attention. So notifications are in that corner and so are the app indicators so I glance up there to check whats going on without having distractions like window management. So my immediate attention is drawn to that corner. So I like the controls on the left.

I remember more or less the same argument when Notify-OSD was put in the top right. They wanted it anywhere but there because it got in the way of the window controls and the searchbox in Firefox. Moving the window controls to the left and moving Notify-OSD slightly down fixed that complaint.

I think there will always be many chefs and not enough cooks.

Oh and just a note, quoting polls is completely useless because unless its taken from a controlled group the results are always biased. So if a random set of 100 people who use Ubuntu was polled it would be a lot more reliable than a quick question at the end of a blog post because the people who care about the issue most will always vote and most other who people who dont care wont.