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Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl) wrote : Re: [Bug 532633] Re: [light-theme] please revert the order of the window controls back to "menu:minimize, maximize, close"

On 17/03/10 22:34, fewt wrote:
> "you don't get to second-guess their decisions"
> "You don't get to see a lot of what they see unless you're on that team."
> "being an open community is not the same as saying everybody has a say in everything."
> "There aren't any good reasons for that"
> "we are not voting on design decisions."
> So, its your ball, it isn't a community ball and if we don't like it we
> shouldn't use your distribution because it belongs to you, your team,
> and no one else.
> I get it now.
> Thanks for the clarification, and all of these great one-liners.


There's a job waiting for you at a tabloid, if that's how you treat
commentary. Isolating snippets and using them out of context is just rude.

You can throw your toys out of the cot, but other than expressing a
personal preference, you haven't informed the discussion at all. Most
importantly, you do NOT have a say in *everything*. Anybody is welcome
to participate, and it's worth building a reputation for yourself as
being competent at something. If the community process *works*, that
competence will be rewarded with the ability to make tough decisions.

At the moment, your approach is not highlighting any particular
competence on your part, other than for aggressive and unhelpful
argument backed by a willingness to twist people's words - not something
we have a department for in Ubuntu.