Comment 155 for bug 532633

Well the situation is obvious. The community has in these bugreports
responded with a lot of valid arguments with pros and cons on an
unannounced and appearently irreversible issue. Canonical until now
stated vary vague that it has to do with some experiments due for Ubuntu
10.10. So on this day March 17th 2010 we all might know where we stand.

Besides that, the community that has responded is not a representative
cross-cut of all Ubuntu users. So I fear the chain reaction after April
forthcoming. How many common Ubuntu users are there working with Windows
as well? How many Ubuntu users do not have a steep learning curve?
Ubuntu was promoted with "Ubuntu for everyone" and it was!

What I sadly see in this moment is this. Lucid testers already
frustrated about the stability of the current Alpha3 ("the worst Ubuntu
Alpha3 in years") now aware that 10.04 will be an experimental LTS will
end their efforts with testing and bug reporting. So the "going down"
has begun.