Comment 146 for bug 532633

Emmanuel Touzery wrote 7 hours ago:
"1. i'm left handed and driving the mouse with the right hand, i think lots of left-handed people do that

2. this will make wine applications look even more out of place, also chrome has the problem. for wine i think it's more or less unfixable. but i understand that wine is not really a high priority for canonical."

1. Completely offtopic: I'm right handed, but half of the time I'm driving the mouse with the left hand. I can use a mouse with my right hand and with my left hand, so to prevent me from getting RSI, I drive the mouse with my right hand for a few hours and then drive the mouse with my left hand.

2. Google Chrome is no problem. You can configure Google Chrome to use the title bar of the window manager, instead of it's own title bar. It's in the preferences, under the tab called Personal (or something like that).
WINE shouldn't be of any priority. Yes, I'm completely against the use of WINE, but that's completely offtopic.