Comment 128 for bug 532633

Mark, I appreciate you commenting on this issue. Might I suggest that if you do want to relocate the controls to the left hand side consider at least leaving the close button on the right for this LTS release - for consistency (pretty much all tabs, multiple document interfaces etc. have the close on the right and it's quite late in the cycle to try patching everything from Ooo to Firefox to Nautilus etc.)

This is also what Ivanka suggested, and I came up with the same solution when I tried to work out where I'd put the buttons ( ). After using it a while it's quite a nice solution, it also looks consistent between windows with all buttons and dialog/toolbox windows that only have a close button.

Next release you could then move the close button across to the left if that is what is required, but it's worth noting that if the buttons are on the left they will be directly under the hoverable "Activities" button in gnome-shell. As we don't completely know what Gnome 3 is going to bring I think making this change in an LTS, which you may need to revert, might not be the best idea.