Comment 123 for bug 532633

Whatever Mark has got up his sleeve, I think it's a very bad decision to partially implement it in an LTS release. A lot of the user-base (read: non-geek users) will be using this release until the next LTS in 2012. Where is the logic in leaving them stuck with a partially implemented feature for this length of time?

From the LTS wiki:
> We are more conservative in our package merge with Debian, auto-synching with Debian testing, instead of Debian unstable.
> We start stabilizing the release early by significantly limiting the number of new features. We will choose which features we package into the LTS release, versus which ones we leave out and allow for users to optionally download and use from a separate archive.
> Avoid structural changes as far as possible, such as changing the default set of applications, lots of library transitions, or system layer changes (example: introducing KMS or hal → DeviceKit would not have been appropriate changes in a LTS).

Change it in 10.10 Alpha 1 if you want time to gather data and feedback.