Comment 122 for bug 532633

"Moving everything to the left opens up the space on the right nicely"

Well... but my mouse pointer default position, when "idle", is on the right... I think that's the same for almost every right handed people I observe!

Is this only valid for right handed side of the population? Not sure: Most of them also read left to right... and expect ending lines and closing facts to be there.

Maybe this setup should be users's choice in accessibility items like mouse buttons reversal and so on... and everyone depending on it's preferences, right or left handed, reading the occidental or arabic way... could make HIS decision.

And that would be the right (huh!) rmethod even if this kind of users respect is not in the bible-code. Let's let the "inconditionnal respect of the guru way" be Apple's code of conduct, not Ubuntu's one.

That's my last words on this subject: IMO no more data are needed, every biggest concerns have already been explained several times.

If this is maintained without user easy user choice (maybe a choice screen at install could be added, and choice statistics recorded and default changed in future versions only if I'm wrong), that will be a political decision and there is imo no more to do... But I can hear Steve Ballmer laughing from 9000km.