Comment 114 for bug 532633

Mark, as much as I appreciate the response, it would be interesting (and would allow more constructive discussions) if it was a little less vague. Do sketches (even very rough ones) of new ideas for the right side already exist? Or possibilities for the right side will be thought only *after* the results of this experiment are obtained?

I'm asking this because there wasn't any argument given in favor of the change (at least not officially) before your post, and now those "future possibilities" seem to be the first one. One has to wonder if they are the only one.

So please, if possible, can you list some concrete, non-vague arguments in favor of the left side? Not responses to the arguments against (easy to adapt, easy to revert, etc.), I mean pure arguments in favor (ex: "we did usability studies and the efficiency of having all clickable things on the same side outweighted the risk of accidental clicking").

At the very least, isn't it possible that you could give an official statement declaring once and for all that future possibilities for the right side are the main reason, if that's the case?