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Verfied versions:

1. Prepare a NFS storage, mount the NFS storage
then start a guest which image located in the NFS storage.

# virsh list --all
 Id Name State
 11 vm1 running

# virsh domblklist vm1
Target Source
hdc -
vda /tmp/zp/beaker/r73q2-1.img

check the guest is working well

2. disconnect the NFS server
# iptables -A OUTPUT -d $IP -p tcp --dport 2049 -j DROP

3. In termial 1, check IO throttlling using blkdeviotune

# virsh blkdeviotune vm1 vda
...... It will hange for a few minutes here

4. In the terminal 2, check domstats for the running guest using domstas
It also needs few minutes to get a return. But it won't hang forever.

# virsh domstats
Domain: 'vm1'

check terminal 1 agian, blkdeviotune also has a return.

# virsh blkdeviotune vm1 vda
total_bytes_sec: 0
read_bytes_sec : 0
write_bytes_sec: 0
total_iops_sec : 0
read_iops_sec : 0
write_iops_sec : 0
total_bytes_sec_max: 0
read_bytes_sec_max: 0
write_bytes_sec_max: 0
total_iops_sec_max: 0
read_iops_sec_max: 0
write_iops_sec_max: 0
size_iops_sec : 0

5. check virsh list, it also won't hang.
# virsh list
 Id Name State
 11 vm1 running

As above, domstats can get a return, it won't hang and it won't block other commands. From libvirt, it has been fixed.