Comment 13 for bug 1546674

On 2016-10-24 11:08 AM, ChristianEhrhardt wrote:
> Hi,
> unfortunately after a reboot of my host my local reproducibility is gone :-/

Strange, mine is reproducible 100% of the time, I'd like a self-fixing
bug too!

> I don't know if you could, but would like to ask if one of you think you can verify that in Yakkety or Zesty.
> The way the apparmor rules get created changed in >=Yakkety and since we have to start with the devel releases that is the place to go for the first verification.
> Still Y&Z are widely the same, so I build for both in a ppa.
> I build the suggested fix (along another one) in
> It would be great of one of you could test it there.
> If none can please let me know so I know I have to try to recreate again
> somehow.

In 2 to 3 weeks I should be able to try to reproduce on Y or Z so if you
can reproduce before that, please be my guest! Thank again Christian.