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TJ (tj) wrote :

There seem to be several incompatible issues introduced by the Debian packaging style:

1. Debian packages into "xen-utils-4.2" along with the binary executables (/usr/lib/xen-4.2/bin/xl, etc.) - other distros package it in the libxen[-4.2] package
2. libvirt's configure script expects to find in the standard library locations /usr/lib, /usr/lib/x86*-linux-gnu/
3. Debian installs to /usr/lib/xen-4.2/lib/
4. Debian/Ubuntu libvirt does not depend on "xen-utils" (the virtual package provided by xen-utils-4.2).
5. Debian/Ubuntu libvirt configure script checks for but does not find and therefore doesn't include support

I tried adding "xen-utils" as a build-depends to libvirt but that doesn't solve the issue due to [3].

I also tried adding, libxenlight.a and libxl.h to the libxen-dev package but that fails to build due to other complex library dependencies which I decided not to pursue.