Comment 170 for bug 296867

Jordan Farrell (feralbytes) wrote :

I am sorry if you feel that I have disappeared. I did not intend it that way. I did what I could to help. The developers of empathy stated that they could not implement OTR unless they had a spec first. They also forced the issue that my spec had to include XTLS. I am only a novice programer and certianly not a spec writer, I also volunteered for far more then I could handle hoping that OTR would be a welcome addition to Telepathy. Unfortunately even after the Spec was ready for review, it never recieved a review. I also was working in Python as that is what I program in, and Telepathy removed support for Python around this same time. JPRvita told me that he would take my spec and complete it for XTLS and that he could program in C. For a long time it looked like this would work. JPRvita had a solid spec, but as happend with me the spec was never reviewed, I am not sure what happened to him and his GSoC XTLS/OTR Spec for Telepathy.


Honestly my take is that this is a developer issue, they don't want OTR and no one can force it upon them.

So I got over it and I use Pidgin.

FYI for "cbris" or "ScotlandHacks" you should use jprvita's Spec it was much further along than mine, it is here: