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Bug #1432741: [FFe] sdl1.2 needs mir support patch Medium Incomplete 274 weeks

From: Brandon Schaefer
Link: mir-support.patch


Bug #1577986: SDL 1.2 crashes on snappy, breaks scummvm Undecided New 321 weeks

From: Zygmunt Krynicki
Link: dont-crash-on-snappy

Tested fix for the crash

Bug #982687: libSDL crashes with a segfault when using smpeg Undecided Confirmed 532 weeks

From: Marudororu
Link: AsGmpwwN.txt


Bug #597859: Wrong application name appears in Sound Preferences when using pulseaudio Low Triaged 626 weeks

From: Daniel Ellis
Link: dont-specify-appname.patch


Bug #14044: Fullscreen display split between screens with Xinerama/MergedFB Medium Confirmed 791 weeks

From: Laurie Bradshaw
Link: 301_xinerama-sort-of-working.diff


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