Comment 0 for bug 945685

I'm using Libreoffice Writer 3.4.4 installed from Ubuntu Software Center on freshly installed Ubuntu 11.10 (no dist-upgrade).

What happened:
I was trying to change the name of autotext entry to other name but with the same shortcut. Writer immediately crashed with a message: "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'com::sun::star::container::ElementExistException'".

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Writer.
2. In any document write anything, eg. "test" and select it.
3. Choose form the menu: Edit> Autotext..
4. Enter a name, eg. "test" for a new autotext entry and a shortcut. You may leave the automatic shortcut which was genarated ("t") as is.
5. Press Autotext button on the right and select "New (text only)". This is essential, because the crash won't happen if you choose "New" option.
6. A new autotext entry will show up in "My Autotext" category. Select it.
7. Press the Autotext button again and choose "Change name"
8. A new window will show up. In the two lower boxes write the name to which you want to change the name of the new entry. The crash will happen immediately after you hit "OK" if and only if the new shortcut will be identical (case insensitive) with the old one.

Ps.: I'm using polish locale, so i'm not sure about the exact menu item's names in english. I guess you'll figure it out.