Comment 10 for bug 863788

It's absolutely worse that what is describe on 3.4.3 version

If the document used was created by a previous version, trying to edit an existing charts remove all references to the data series sources.

The previous data, sometimes exist but as a table, like if they were copied from the initial data series.

On columns chart type with 3.4.3 the data source is killed, and then there's no way for the users to retrieve it. Even ctrl+Z doesn't restore the chart.

-> Data corruption ! You need to use a previous version of the document if it saved, there's no more data.

See the different print-screen attached.

This as been tested and confirmed under Linux 64bits (openSUSE 11.4 / 12.1 ) + windows 7 64bits, and windows xp 32 bits (legacy LOO.exe installer)