Comment 14 for bug 709778

Hi All

Investigated further, and although the issues are less apparent on the full size laptop & PC, truth is, they are still basically unusable.

Although, running better, I noticed that the value from a combo box on 1 form is not being picked up, and yet, the value from a combo box on another form, which was originally a copy of the form that isn't working, works as expected.

Also, since attempting top use the failing combo box, I am now in the same position as before, of being unable to edit the form, or more specifically the forms.

All of this works exactly as it should in OO 3.2, this release of libreoffice is looking increasingly like a rushed job, and is going to push users back to Windows and MS Office. Libreoffice, has been shipped with a severely broken Base component, rendering Base pretty much unusable.

My other concern is, that unless it's fixed, all the other distro's shippping with LibreOffice 3.3 as default, will also in effect be shipping broken packages, which will only render any new linux experiences, less than optimal.