Comment 31 for bug 1022640

> vulcain - how are you testing so many distros ? :-) it's amazing. Do you
> transfer anything between machines ? do you do any configuration ?

For comment #8 i downlaod the ISO, load it on Virtualbox. Inside Virtualbox, i launch Firefox for downlaod the files and launch LibreOffice. I only update distros, no install (for exemple in Ubuntu, i don't install Base - except for Ubuntu 12.04.1). Each Virtualbox are separed with the other, no data share.

For comment #12, i launch Ubuntu 12.10 in VM, i delet LibreOffice with sudo apt-get remove and install Apache 3.4.1 AOO341m1 (with dpkg -i *.deb)

I see the same screenshot like Antonio Martins (attachment 71700) in my differents VM.