Comment 4 for bug 1547395

Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

totem-pl-parser is easily splittable. Because of a licensing conflict, the part that depends on quvi is a separate helper file ( /usr/lib/*/libtotem-plparser18/totem-pl-parser/99-totem-pl-parser-videosite ). Here's a draft of what can be done to bypass this stalled MIR:

1. Work with the Debian GNOME team to split the library
2. Since the helper file is needed for YouTube and Vimeo integration with the GNOME Videos app (totem), those plugins should be moved from grilo-plugins-0.3-base to -extra. -extra should depend on the helper library
3. The new helper binary will need to be demoted to universe

Incidentally, the YouTube and Vimeo integration in Totem is hidden anyway. They aren't listed in Channels; instead you need to click the Search button, select Local to switch to a different search provider, and then search for something.