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Bug #1739833: libnss-ldap default runlevels cause invoke-rc.d to fail Undecided New 201 weeks

From: xennex82
Link: libnssldap_runlevel5.diff


Bug #1200203: please merge libnss-ldap 264-2.5 (main) from Debian unstable (main) Wishlist Fix Committed 433 weeks

From: Yolanda Robla
Link: diff_264-2.5_264-2.5ubuntu1.diff


Bug #382832: Need comment for line added to /etc/ldap.conf by nssldap-update-ignoreusers(8) Wishlist Triaged 579 weeks

From: Joshua Kugler
Link: nssldap-update-ignoreusers.382832.diff

Adds an explanatory comment

Bug #644632: nssldap-update-ignoreusers needs to be configurable to ignore users Low Confirmed 579 weeks

From: Joshua Kugler
Link: nssldap-update-ignoreusers.diff

Patch to add "OK users" functionality.

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