Comment 0 for bug 1005075

James Henstridge (jamesh) wrote :

When trying to rip a CD with sound-juicer in Ubuntu 12.04, none of the track names appear and the following errors are printed to stderr:

    Unrecognised release group element: 'primary-type'
    Unrecognised track element: 'number'
    Unrecognised track element: 'number'
    Unrecognised track element: 'number'
    [repeated once for each track on CD]

This appears to have started happening after MusicBrainz rolled out a schema update that added some more information to releases.

Apparently the packaged version of libmusicbrainz does not handle the new elements in the XML and ignores everything after them inside the parent, as discussed in this bug report:

Apparently this bug has been fixed in libmusicbrainz 4.0.3.