Comment 77 for bug 272316

I actually have not seen this bug in a long time (though admittedly I don't
use xournal much these days).

"Works for me" with latest Jaunty.
xournal/jaunty uptodate
libgnomecanvas2-0/jaunty uptodate 2.26.0-0ubuntu1
libgnomecanvas2-common/jaunty uptodate 2.26.0-0ubuntu1
libgnomecanvasmm-2.6-1c2a/jaunty uptodate 2.23.1-1

I tried most combinations of settings within xournal that I could think of.
Try making a temporary new user account and running it there?


On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 9:57 AM, Bob McElrath
<<email address hidden><bob%<email address hidden>>
> wrote:

> This bug is still present in Jaunty and libgnomecanvas 2.26.
> Unfortunately, the patch I removed from 2.20 to fix it is no longer
> present in 2.26. It looks like the libgnomecanvas people made the
> situation worse and incorporated the bug upstream.
> The symptom is that what is drawn lags substantially behind the stylus,
> so much so that curved lines become joined line segments. It gets worse
> as you move to the bottom of the screen. It's more noticeable in
> portrait mode. Also, the effect is substantially worse than in Hardy.
> Xournal is basically unusable under Jaunty, unless you write REALLY
> slowly.
> ** Changed in: libgnomecanvas (Ubuntu)
> Status: Fix Released => Confirmed
> --
> [regression, intrepid] redraw problems, patches from fedora
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