Comment 83 for bug 618587


What you say is true not only for open source projects, but also closed source / paid applications, even you can make the same argument for your car.

On the other hand eclipse is there, every missing part is an opportunity to make some money, if you think all IDEs sucks including eclipse pick the best open source one you like and fork it, and get rich over people like you.

There are always urgency and importance in every job. For some time eclipse devs have been working hard to prepare eclipse 4.0, which is just around the corner.

On the other hand if you spent the time to read the comments you spent on writing the message, you would find that I proposed a simple workaround for now. Just remove the application and run it as application.

Last but not the least, rather then storming like this, you go in fix it and you're done. If you cannot you still can hire someone to fix unity and / or eclipse together and give back.

That is the spirit people wants to keep here not yours.