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> Hi Alexander,
> Yes, I know it's an open source one, and I realize that this is the death of
> the open source world: pointing at each other all the time. If you report a bug
> at Unity/Ubuntu, they point at this bug report. If you report it here, you say
> it's their fault, they should fix it!
> See, my point is: from my perspective, I don't give a flying damn who's fault
> is it. It's a bug that has been reported and confirmed for 1.5 years.
> It's so sad to see that all those talented people who are willing to contribute
> their efforts to these projects just want to create another 'world changing'
> project instead of solving the problems right here. Why bother with Netbeans,
> let's fix Eclipse. Oh, Eclipse got problems too, let's deal with jEdit. Oh,
> jEdit sucks too, let's...

I feel your pain. It's even worse when you have to deal with the libraries this applications use.

> I wish you'd charge $5 for every open source project. I wish you'd support it.
> I wish I could rely on you and your supported project.

Well, there are a number of supported Eclipse variations. If you contact me offlist I would point you to few. But having support means that there are a number of limitations enforced to the users as noone can support every possible combination and it looks like noone has a paid supports for Eclipse on Unity as there are no fixes.

> I simply do not need 15 faulty Java IDEs. Nor need many version of Java
> runtime. I need one, that works and that is more than enough!
> But now, what choices do I have? I have to opt out from Ubuntu as it's got
> severe, unresolved, "it's not my fault" type of bugs. Should I buy Apple? Oh,
> well, JDK 1.7 is not fully supported. Moving forward... Guess which platform is
> fully supported?

Well, a bit of googling will help you find a what of interesting info about who is working on what so you can make an informed decision about choosing the distribution.

> Anyway, please don't tell me that it has been hard for any Eclipse
> devs/architects to chase down a Ubuntu dev/architect while having a beer: hey,
> we need to fix it! Oh, well, I'll do it, it takes only 15 minutes or,
> whatever...

This is the point, there are always more things to fix/improve than installing a new OS to try reproducing a problem you don't see on yours. This is not a 15 minutes for me.
> Or if this conversation is impossible, I'd strongly suggest abandoning any open
> source projects and supporting only licensed ones - they can and do have these
> type of conversations to support us, me, the user.

The conversation is possible but every such conversation needs at least one interested party. And as can be seen from the bug report no Eclipse developers seems to care about Unity nor Unity devs care about Eclipse. If there was someone intereseted it would have been fixed long ago and it will stay this way until such an interested person appears.

> And BTW: thank you Alexander for your time and effort supporting open source
> projects!
Thanks for these words.