Comment 6 for bug 3711

Dear Trent,

Thanks for all the help.

I am using PTAMM and I had compiled it 2-3 weeks back and there was no issue .However now upon compiling I get the following errors:

Model3ds.o: In function `PTAMM::Model3DS::_GenerateDisplayList(Lib3dsFile*, bool)': undefined reference to `lib3ds_mesh_calculate_vertex_normals'
Model3ds.o: In function `PTAMM::Model3DS::_Load()': undefined reference to `lib3ds_file_open'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [PTAMM] Error 1

I came across ur forum and added the compile flags but still the problem persists ,I am really stumped because I am not able to get something 2 work which I had in the past ! .

Could u pls give me any suggestions which would help me

I downloaded the test file which u gave and I got the following output
Expecting: 0.065576; Value returned by lib3ds: 0.065576
If the values do not match try compiling lib3ds with the -O0 flag, or with a version of g++ prior to 4.0

which means things r fine ..

could u pls help me I would really appreciate it if you could give me ur valuable feedback

Kindest Regards