Comment 5 for bug 1825049

Robie Basak (racb) wrote :

Thank you for preparing these updates, providing all the SRU information, etc!

I made the following adjustments:

Corrected the changelog version according to

Ran the update-maintainer tool to adjust the maintainer field according to

Added a bug link to the changelog entry as required by SRU policy.

Ran "dch -r ''" to provide a proper sign-off line in debian/changelog

Tested builds locally for both Cosmic and Bionic.

I didn't add dep3 headers to the quilt patch ( - not strictly required, the bug link has links to everything needed, and in this case there will be no ongoing delta. However, it is useful to generally have these, as a note for next time.

The Bionic package built successfully. Unfortunately the Cosmic package fails to build. Please could you take a look? I pasted my build log to It may be that the Cosmic package as-is doesn't rebuild successfully because of unrelated changes. If that is so, unfortunately it will need to be fixed before we can land the fix in Cosmic.

I'll attach my updated debdiffs. Feel free to adjust them further as needed.