Comment 9 for bug 565294

Donatas Glodenis (dgvirtual) wrote :

I would vote for Rimas' suggestion b) – not to import Lithuanian KDE translations to Launchpad at all.

It is also consistent with the Kubuntu developers' position on the temporary suspension of the usage of Launchpad:

The project Timelord articulates this position:

„For the reasons mentioned above, the Project Timelord team has deemed that in
Kubuntu's current state, using the Launchpad Translations system is counter-productive
to achieving the goal of a localized, human KDE experience. During the Kubuntu 9.10
development cycle, a concentrated, cooperative effort between Kubuntu and Launchpad
developers occurred to try to improve KDE translations in Kubuntu. Great improvements
were made to this point, and while we appreciate the time and effort the Ubuntu
Translations team has taken to improve the current situation for Kubuntu, we must face
the facts that given current developer and translator resources that Kubuntu is unable to
use this translation architecture in a productive manner.“ (see for details).

Also we should perhaps raise the question about changing the number of plural forms with other developers and translators in Lithuania to perpahs switch to 4 forms... Would it be possible to achieve, what do you think?