Comment 9 for bug 730984

Hazaar MVC (hazaar) wrote :

I'd like to add my thoughts on this as well as this effects me quite badly and increases my frustration.

Even with a stock KDE install I can navigate to a SMB share in Dolphin and click on a zip file only to have Dolphin download it first before opening it in Ark, which is the default archive manager in KDE. Some of these archives are >1GB so yeah, it takes a while.

Personally, I consider it monumentally unreasonable to present "get all other programs to support KIO" as a solution, especially considering KIO wasn't the best idea in the first place. But i'll leave the discussion of why for later. But since we have it, why not use the above suggestion of mounting the share instead of copying the file if KIO is not supported. Nautilus does this beautifully. Why can't Dolphin?

Basically my problem is, why should I go around to the 100,000+ other programs that run on Linux and ask them to support KIO when the problem can be fixed RIGHT HERE?