Comment 16 for bug 730984

Jens (jens-launchpad-net) wrote :

So, *is* anybody working on it right now? Is KDE finally able to transparently mount SMB (or FTP or whatever) file systems so *all* apps can transparently access them? I just tried a fresh Kubuntu 15.10 install, no modifications at all except I added VLC. I tried to play back a 4GB MP4 video I have on our NAS drive. This is the situation:

Dragon player (the default in KDE5) starts *downloading* the file before it can play it. Not acceptable!

VLC (which I added) refuses to play the file in the first place, claiming it cannot access "smb:/user@workstation/whatever/file.mp4". Not acceptable!

KDE5 is really a nice desktop, but with defaults such as these it is absolutely impossible to give this to a new user and make them happy with it. Especially because other desktops don't seem to have this problem. I switched a few PCs back to LXDE and/or Unity (ubuntu) for this single reason.