Comment 13 for bug 730984

Venca B Spam (vbspam) wrote :

Let me share some thoughts about this topic.

@#9 Jamie Carl (jazz-funkynerd)

KDE use KIO-Slaves to access other then local protocol and/or meta-protocols across all platforms. It is monumentally clever idea. However it is not new idea. Microsoft uses the same technique. Just call it UNC or so. Remember \\SERVER\SHARENAME ..

Looking to the Windows world, the application wanting to use network share has two choices. Use the UNC API of Windows or use traditional DOS API accessing filesystem (yes, the C:\DIRECTORY\TRACK02.mp3 ..). Of course the use has to "map network drive" (linux users should read: "mount cifs share").

@#11 Jim Buddin (jimbuddin):
So now those who argued KDE should do it instead of 10000+ apps should bother with KIO-Slaves. Rethink that idea.. . Libre/Open Office while running Windows also use \\ to access network shares..

Of course, there is another proposed solution: "Give user the choice!" Mount or use KIO-Slave...

But, as there is almost always "but". Have you worked with KDE using mounted CIFS shares when the network disconects... . In most cases (at least in my most cases) the whole KDE hangs and waits for timeouts. Yes there must be something monumentally wrong in it, but as this is with us for years, I believe it is hard to solve it. And back to the idea of user choice mount or kio-slave. This is not hard task. It could be done by script and/or KDE services, doesn't it?