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Rik Mills (rikmills) wrote :

New upstream release of Kstars (2.9.4)

Blog post:
Full changelog:

New upstream release of stars (1.7.1)

Changelog for 1.7.0 and 1.7.1:

Kstars is mostly a bugfix release, but does contain one 'feature'.

From IRC:

[10:43] <Jasem[m]> acheronuk: It's mostly performance + bug fixes really. Maybe using SEP in Guiding module is a new feature.
[10:45] <acheronuk> Jasem[m]: Guiding module? is that enabled if not built with libindi?
[10:45] <Jasem[m]> acheronuk: nope libindi must be there. Hardly anyone would use KStars without libindi

We have for some time had too low a version of libindi in ubuntu to build kstars with support, and as you can see not doing so removes one of the largest benefits of kstars.

So we would like to update kstars with new libindi together. Upstream developers recommend the latest bugfix 1.7.1 of libindi as the latest kstars is tested with this.

The packages have been test built and can be found at: