Comment 1 for bug 512110

Jochen <email address hidden> writes:

> After upgrading the krb5 libraries to 1.8 I could not mount my
> Kerberized NFS4 shares. The following error Message is in the syslog for
> every mount attempt:

> rpc.gssd[1298]: rpcsec_gss: gss_init_sec_context: (major) Unspecified
> GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information - (minor) Program
> lacks support for encryption type

> Switching back to 1.7 fixes this Problem.

Sounds like NFS v4 doesn't support stronger encryption types than DES.
You'll need to add:

    allow_weak_crypto = true

to the [libdefaults] section of your krb5.conf file.

Russ Allbery (<email address hidden>) <>