Comment 40 for bug 263441

Bruce Crowther (bwucie) wrote :

Kompozer really doesn't need to be installed, it is such a neat application because everything it needs to run comes inside the zip/tar file.
Download kompozer-20081205.tar.gz, and put it somewhere you can find it. (In my case, i have a seperate Home partition, so I keep it there, then it doesn't have to be replaced if I change my version of Ubuntu.)
Right click on the tar file, and "Extract here". You will find a new folder called kompozer in the same directory. Inside the folder is the executable you are looking for, also called komposer. Double click that, and you are in business.
Now, you will need to go into your applications menu to add Kompozer there, but even simpler (I find) is to right click on the panel, select "Add to Panel" then "Custom Application Launcher", then click "add". In the Create Launcher Dialog, click browse, then navigate into your kompozer folder and double click on the icon for the executable. Then click add, and your launcher will be in the panel.
Then if you want the launcher to have the Kompozer icon, right click on the launcher, select "properties". Double click on the launcher icon, then when it loads the icons, click "browse". Navigate into your kompozer folder again, and inside it is a folder called "Icons". Double click on the folder, then click "Open". Double click on the icon you want to use, and voila, you have a working version of Kompozer with its own launcher on your panel.
Hope this helps.