Comment 68 for bug 6290

Dan Dennedy (dan-dennedy) wrote :

According to /usr/share/doc/module-init-tools/changelog.Debian.gz, you all can go blame Andy Whitcroft and Tim Gardner for what appears to be an arbitrary decision: supposedly "backwards compatibility." Uh, nearly all applications use libraw1394, and I build backwards compatibility into that!

For more information, the changelog entry references bug

But those comments are from 2008! Here is the current status:

So, basically, the multitude of camcorder owners are being sacrificed for the handful of pro-audio firewire interface users. I do not have anything against FFADO, and its maintainer is a great guy. And even though I maintain libraw1394 (as little as possible admittedly), I do not have an audio interface to work on this firsthand nor the motivation to do so. At some point, we need to decide to move on and sacrifice the few stragglers. FFADO users should have been the ones forced to change their blacklist file.