Comment 6 for bug 1032633

On 04/05/2014 01:43 PM, Andrew Mann wrote:
> A CLI command is an interesting stopgap, but on a heavily utilized
> OpenStack installation with automated tools operating against OpenStack,
> this has a high manual maintenance cost. Surely there is some better
> default that lies in the middle ground between keeping tokens for ever
> and ever and requiring a manual removal of tokens?
> As a reference point, I wasn't even aware this was an issue, until one
> of our test deployments of grizzly using a limited IO system started
> acting horribly (30 second response times). After tracing the problem
> from nova to keystone to mysql, I found a 442,000 row token table with
>> 440,000 expired tokens. I went and checked our havana test on a
> somewhat beefier system and found > 1M rows.
> This issue is a timebomb for any production OS install.
CRON the CLI job. There is no reason to try and integrate a scheduler
into Keystone.