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keepass2 (Ubuntu)

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Strange behaviour for "Perform Auto-Type"/Ctrl+V. As soon as it's pressed, the main window minimizes, and a superfluous "Open Database" dialog opens up. After correctly entering the credentials, it performs the auto-type, but with incorrect characters. I created a username of "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" and it auto-typed "abideyuhijkpmlorqrstuvwxtz". Interestingly, when my keyboard is set in dvorak layout (which I normally use), it autotypes "axceḟgdchtlmnrpṕoygky".

This is with Ubuntu 11.04 version 2.15+dfsg-2+ppa2.

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macho (macho) wrote :

I should mention, Ctrl+B and Ctrl+C work just fine for copying usernames and passwords, and the autotype problem affects the passwords just the same as the user names.

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Julian Taylor (jtaylor) wrote :

I can only reproduce the autotype problems when I have more than one keyboard layout set up.
If I remove all layouts but one in the keyboard layout settings autotype works with dvorak and my default (german elimate deadkeys)
This is probably a xdotool problem as the typing is also wrong when invoking it directly from a terminal:
xdotool type abcdexyz

I can't reproduce the "Open Database" dialog opening.

Changed in keepass2 (Ubuntu):
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macho (macho) wrote :

I can confirm this works with a single keyboard layout.

I suspect the open database dialog is related to bug #801414. I am getting it at a few different unexpected times.

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Stéphane Bidoul (Acsone) (sbi) wrote :


I'm experimenting a similar bug with Ubuntu 11.10.

I have one keyboard layout defined (Belgian, ie azerty). When I perform autotype it types as if the keyboard was querty (ie, replacing a with q etc).

Running "setxkbmap be" before launching keepass2 solves the issue.

It used to work correctly with Ubuntu 11.04 and the jtaylor ppa.

Best regards,


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Amir (amiryal) wrote :

This patch applies cleanly on both 2.16 and 2.17 source zip archives.

Unfortunately, I could not get this thing to run from source in MonoDevelop, so I need somebody else with a working configuration to test the patch. Thanks!

Also submitted the same patch here:
And here:


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Julian Taylor (jtaylor) wrote :

great thank you very much, the patch appears to work for me.
I'll test it a bit further and if there are no issues I'll add it to the package.

To apply it to the source package do the following:
apt-get install devscripts
apt-get source keepass2
apt-get build-dep keepass2
cd keepass2-*
quilt import path/to/patch.file
quilt push
quilt refresh
debuild -us -uc

the package source should also compile in monodevelop, open KeePass/KeePass.csproj

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Amir (amiryal) wrote :

Thanks for the detailed instructions, Julian!

It now works much more predictably, but still has a bug: if the target window is using the default keyboard layout (listed at the top in my Gnome keyboard settings), then Auto-Type works as expected; but if the target window is using a different layout, then xdotool weirdnesses start to show up again.

The current implementation with the patch applied works well enough for me. I hope somebody is looking into incorporating it upstream.

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Amir (amiryal) wrote :

To anyone who is interested, received update from upstream developer (see

> I now rewrote the auto-type key sending engine, and the new one uses a similar solution like you suggested.
> More information:
> Thanks and best regards,
> Dominik


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Alexander Buchner (alexander-buchner) wrote :

And when will this bug be fixed?
As of today a friend of mine still struggles with this bug.

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