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Philip Johnsson (philip5) wrote :

In my case I want to build kmymoney2 3.95.0 that use the kleopatra api found in kdepim in kde4. That is mandatory to build kmymoney2 and nothing that gives some optional feature. in a nutshell; kmymoney2 is broken without it.

I really can't see why it would be wise to keep the whole kdepim development stuff from the kubuntu/ubuntu developers. Even though it might be so that there is only kopete-cryptography in main or motu that use it right now (or can build with out it so it doesn't give any dependencies but might give missing features, at least in theory). Anyone who want to build or develop software that will use kdepim api:s like kleopatra or others would have to rebuild kdepim with headers, use a forked PPA or something like that with header files or in the worst case use an other distribution.