Activity log for bug #40047

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2006-04-18 19:01:24 mon bug added bug
2006-04-18 19:02:24 mon kdebase: assignee kubuntu-team
2006-04-18 19:02:24 mon kdebase: statusexplanation
2006-04-19 03:14:16 Rocco Stanzione kdebase: status Unconfirmed Confirmed
2006-04-19 03:14:16 Rocco Stanzione kdebase: statusexplanation The webserver is definitely reporting the file as text/plain, which is why konqueror wants to open it in the configured text editor (gvim in my case). The webserver needs a configuration tweak, but konqueror should handle this more intelligently in lieu of a configuration option that allows files like this to be downloaded by default. (Workaround hint: right-click->save link as)
2008-06-29 00:22:12 Jonathan Thomas kdebase: status Confirmed Fix Released