Comment 6 for bug 289338

ShinobiTeno (lct-mail) wrote :

This is not related to KUbuntu, but its KDE 4.3.3 problem. If there will be solution, please upstream it!

Im currently running x64 gentoo system, based on Calculate linux 10, which is actually prebuilt gentoo.
Machine is dual-core E5300 with 4Gb of ram.

Im experiencing SAME issues with kio_thumbnail, slowly eating memory up, even if im NOT browsing (or browsed) any pictures and did not open any miniatures.
The effect is so insane, that this machine left for 6 hours for a purpose of backing video up(scratched dvd) has experienced kernel panic, because it run out of memory! (4Gb ram + 4Gb swap).

See two small examples in attatchment.

This is a very serious bug, it prevents normal work even if system is running stock and untouched.