Comment 32 for bug 334191

I can actually hardly believe that such a regression has been signaled for 8 months - KDE 3.x was managing SSL certs well, the feature is simply not complete and not working at all in KDE 4.1, and nothing seems to have been done in 8 months for fixing this...

We're not talking about a small issue with GUI flashy widgets or icons or the like, we're talking about SSL support KDE-wide, in Konqueror but in KMail as well. It's completely broke in the KDE 4 branch and the developpers team doesn't seem to take the issue seriously and make this a priority.

I would certainly not have "upgraded" from the well working KDE 3.x to KDE 4.1 should I have known SSL certs support was plain dead, but seing it still is 8 months after it got reported simply questions my confidence about the whole KDE project.