Comment 29 for bug 1509562

Ben Bucksch (benbucksch) wrote :

I saw this bug in Kate and in Gwenview (and probably other KDE apps). Most buttons had no icons at all for me. I had used Menta from MATE as icon theme.
The last comment fixed it. Particularly, selecting "Oxygen" as theme in "KDE system settings" (step 3 above) helped.

Ubuntu: Please fix this. Given that most buttons are icon-only, this bug seriously affects usability. 2 fixes are needed here:
a) Add all icons to all themes (reasonable expectation that I can install KDE apps in Mate and Gnome, and that all offered themes work)
b) There's already the concept of a fallback theme. Set dependencies / install scripts to ensure that the fallback theme contains all icons for all apps, including KDE apps.