Comment 3 for bug 1712948

Tyler Hicks (tyhicks) wrote :

I'm having some trouble sponsoring this debdiff. Here's a cleaned up version of a chat I had with Simon about this:

tyhicks> tsimonq2: hey - what am I supposed to do with tar_relative_path_outside_archive.tar.bz2 for bug #1712948? debian/source/include-binaries is not well documented...
tyhicks> tsimonq2: also, is there any use in including the autotest/ changes? I don't see where they're ever used
tsimonq2> tyhicks: With the tar, the patch file has the location iirc
tsimonq2> tyhicks: And the autotest/ changes are from the upstream commit iirc, so that can also help with regression testing (I don't see a reason to exclude them)
tyhicks> tsimonq2: when do the tests get run?
tsimonq2> But the tests added *should* be ran
tyhicks> tsimonq2: I applied your debdiff, without downloading the tarball and the build was successful which indicates to me that autotest/ isn't used
tyhicks> tsimonq2: I then downloaded the tarball to autotest/tar_relative_path_outside_archive.tar.bz2 and the source package build failed with
tyhicks> tsimonq2: so the gist is that I don't know how you built the package with the tarball and, because of that, I'd like to know whether it is even worth the trouble to include the autotest/ changes at all
tyhicks> tsimonq2: if it is worth it, then I need some more info on what to do with the tarball