Comment 37 for bug 1267393

"No-change uploads in response to a security update in a depended-on go library package addresses the problem of making sure the security updates happen, but it's still a suboptimal delivery method for those security updates because of the download size. Instead of pushing an update for just the library with the security fix, you're pushing the update for that package plus all its reverse-dependencies, which is made all the worse by the fact that each of those revdeps is statically linked (==larger). We might be able to make this work for juju in the short term, but it doesn't scale particularly well."

I agree and mentioned this in my comment, which is why I feel gccgo is the most correct solution (or golang-go with dynamic linking support). However, I don't feel the download size is itself a blocker. We can perform uploads for everything at first, figure out how to be smarter/more selective later and along the way work with upstream on dynamic linking if that makes sense. In the meantime, developers wanting to target the phone or environments with potentially aggressive data restrictions, etc should carefully consider the choice of Go for their projects since there is a download cost.