Comment 136 for bug 1267393

Martin Packman [2015-10-16 22:45 -0000]:
> > * dep8 question (comments 86, 93, 99, 100, 101, 117)
> > - pitti's comment in #99 needs to be done. It could be done as an SRU. If that is the approach, please file a bug on this and comment here
> I would appreciate if someone who has a clear understanding for the work
> pitti is requesting (such as pitti himself) could file the bug and
> subscribe me. We'll happily update our packaging to use any such new
> mechanism if it's provided.

It won't actually go into any particular Go package, but into
autodep8. The main thing that this needs is to come up with an
idea/strategy how a group of go libraries/packages can be tested in a
generic fashion. Based on my loose comprehension of this bug the
MIR/security's primary concern is to ensure that all reverse build
dependencies of a new Go package still build. A mere package rebuild
test is a trivial thing to synthesize, but maybe there's some other
useful things that can be done, such as running tests (unless the
package build already does that). If that's sufficient for now, we
merely need an algorithm to detect a go library as such.

You can look at /usr/share/autodep8/support/ (detect and generate)
scripts for examples like it's done for Perl.