Comment 128 for bug 1267393

Martin Packman (gz) wrote :

> * golang-go.crypto
> - needs a bug subscriber

Looks like it's ~ubuntu-server now.

> * golang-gocheck
> - can be dropped when bug #1504821 is fixed (comment #82)
> * golang-goyaml
> - can be dropped when bug #1504821 is fixed (comment #82)

To clarify, I am making these changes on master. Backporting the code changes required to change the dependency for 1.24 carries considerable risk to application-level api compatibility, as yaml.v2 changes some serialisation behaviour. I would prefer if for 1.24 we relied on the bundled yaml.v1 package that been consistently used in testing through this cycle.

> * golang-x-text
> - ftbfs (comment 115)
> - needs a bug subscriber

This package is not a dependency of juju. It's used by only, so is just pulled in as a side effect of taking the debian package. My preference would be to drop the juju packaging dependency on for 1.24 instead.

> * juju-core
> - what is the status of
> ? jamespage said it is 'pending testing by the juju qa team'.

We have manually tested the packaging change, but it is not yet included in our automated testing and release process. We have work in progress to break out our series-independent packaging branch. That said, the merge should not be considered blocked on our verification.

> * dep8 question (comments 86, 93, 99, 100, 101, 117)
> - pitti's comment in #99 needs to be done. It could be done as an SRU. If that is the approach, please file a bug on this and comment here

I would appreciate if someone who has a clear understanding for the work pitti is requesting (such as pitti himself) could file the bug and subscribe me. We'll happily update our packaging to use any such new mechanism if it's provided.