Comment 124 for bug 1267393

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote :

Ok, this is a very complicated MIR with so many comments it is difficult to track. I went through the bug and came up with the following list of remaining items. If I missed something, please comment. Hopefully, no one has to look before this comment on if everything is done. :)

* security team commitments: develop a process for the list of packages to notify the juju team on when there is a security update. This is not a precondition of this MIR, but a request of the juju team
* golang-go.crypto
 - needs a bug subscriber
* golang-gocheck
 - can be dropped when bug #1504821 is fixed (comment #82)
* golang-goyaml
 - can be dropped when bug #1504821 is fixed (comment #82)
* golang-x-text
 - ftbfs (comment 115)
 - needs a bug subscriber
* juju-core
 - what is the status of ? jamespage said it is 'pending testing by the juju qa team'.
* dep8 question (comments 86, 93, 99, 100, 101, 117)
 - pitti's comment in #99 needs to be done. It could be done as an SRU. If that is the approach, please file a bug on this and comment here

Basically, need to merges to land in juju-core, fix the test in golang-x-text, bug suscribers and someone to do the dep8 work.