Comment 34 for bug 1441487

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

Ok, let's then do this as it seems there is general agreement here.

Whitelist can be an option as well, however, the issue is that it depends on the environment (for instance, most of the menu crash that are reported here, don't happen with openjdk-7 but only with 8), this can be fixed of course, but it will always been "after the fact", or we need to start maintaining a list of "APP <-> java version <-> … next env factor…" ;)

So, stripping the env line export for wily and SRUing it for 15.04, while pushing the same change to the ubuntu make ppa. We'll need people to confirm that it's fixed for 15.04 using proposed once it's accepted to get it moved to the -updates pocket and be available to everyone.

Thanks again all for your feedbacks!