Comment 32 for bug 1441487

jondee (jonathandilks) wrote :

"I tend to think that we should take the pragmatic approach for now, and remove the env variable initializing it (still giving the option to the user to export it for applications he knows that works well with it)." I wholeheartedly agree with this. Giving the user and/or developer the choice is the best way forward.

The ideal situation would be that developers enable Jayatana in their apps for their programs they know work well with it and if they don't the user should be able to do it for them when they know the app works fine.

If we want to make a really good experience for the average user, we could always try and implement a white-listing system for Java apps in Ubuntu (particularly for packaged Java apps)? I appreciate that might be a bit of a fiddly work around though! :)