Comment 8 for bug 1718568

Dan Streetman (ddstreet) wrote :

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for reporting and debugging this!

I've tweaked your patch from comment 2 slightly, you can see my version in the debdiffs attached. I was concerned that just a " " check may not always work right, so I explicitly check for the ip output to contain 'inet6' (but not 'tentative') which is really what the function is supposed to be doing.

Since this needs to go into the development release, the SRUs to older releases have to wait. And since artful is currently in freeze, this will need to wait for the b-series development to start before we can add the fix, and then SRU the fixes back to artful and older. I'll come back to this once b-series development has started and get the process rolling.

Until then, I built test packages here:

can you verify that fixes it on your system?